Sunday, January 2, 2011

First post: Dragon Jewel Knex ball machine Preview

Hi Everyone! Thanks for looking at my blog. This is my new ball machine called Dragon Jewel. The name may be changed during construction. Anyway I've been worknig on this ball machine for about three months and have finsished three of the several lifts I plan to have. This will be a themed ball machine that will include several lifts and I'm planing about 7-10 paths. SO far the ball machine has three lifts which are the semicircle lift, conveyor lift and reverse armlift. The story behind this ball machine will be exclusively for the blog. Nowhere else. :-)

Long ago the Dragons had crafted a gem so powerful it could destroy half a continent.
The Dragons the n entered a near eternal slumber knowing that they were safe with the power of the gem protecting them. The Gem glowed a radiant light green and could illuminate the darkest of caves.

After thousands of years of slumber a Magician foolishly decided to steal the gem for his own needs. He placed it at the top of his kingdom and it could be seen from miles away. However stealing the gem came at a price. The dragons were slowly awakenig, preparing to attack and retreive the Gem. The gem grew weak and started radiating a black aura. The Magician has caused the start of a war of Catastrophic proportions. The Magician knew that a war was upon him. He prepared the catapults and weapons. Soon the Dragons will be ready to attack!
Here's the video of the lifts working at the moment.

You can find more pictures of the ball machine here.

Please Enjoy and I'd love some feedback!

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  1. Even though I already saw it, nice preview! I like the story too, it makes the theme more interesting.